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9 Tips To Sell More Tickets Online

Event Marketing Tips

Organizing a successful event with a limited marketing budget can be overwhelming. Giveback Tickets partners with Event Promoters of all kinds to help implement the most effective marketing strategies.

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1 - Get Started Early!

Time may not always be on your side when planning an event. However, starting your promotion process 10-12 months before an event will prove to be beneficial. Establishing your event early can deter competing events from setting their date the same day.

2 - Create an Event Page

One of the first steps in promoting an event is creating an event page. Your attendees need an intuitive and informative destination to learn about your event and purchase tickets. Giveback Tickets’ Event Promoter dashboard allows you to create professional event pages that look great on all devices.

Inform your ticket buyers about the venue, artists, vendors, and other important event details. Incorporate photos, videos, and content that set your event apart from the crowd.

Giveback Tickets offers event page setup for free! Create your page and start selling tickets with no upfront costs or hidden fees!

3 - Partner with a Non Profit Organization

Giveback Tickets automatically donates a part of every ticket fee to a Non Profit Organization selected by the Event Organizer. Ticket buyers can “Show Some Love” at check out when purchasing tickets by increasing their donation.

Establishing a partnership with an NPO that appeals to your ticket buyers can help engage your community. Turn your event into an opportunity to inform about and raise money for a nonprofit in your neighborhood. The NPO is generally excited for the opportunity and will help promote your event.

4 - Facebook Event Promotion

Set up your event on Facebook to promote through organic and paid advertising. Creating an event on Facebook is free and a good start. However, simply creating the event and posting once generally won’t send your event attendance through the roof.

Include keywords in your event description that allow you attendees find it through the search feature. Choose the Facebook-selected keywords and categories that are relevant to your audience.

Keep posting updates about your upcoming event! Share links to performers and vendors pages to get your audience excited. Create contests for free tickets and VIP passes. Encourage partners and sponsors to promote your event through their accounts.

5 - Create a Hashtag Campaign

Embracing a hashtag campaign on Instagram and Twitter is another free way to spark some buzz about your event. Brainstorm a unique, brief, and recognizable hashtag.

You want a hashtag that is easy for your audience to recall when they want to include it in a conversation. Make sure you hashtag is visible on all social media posts, event pages and traditional marketing outlets.

6 - Get on the calendar

Get your event on every relevant calendar that you can find! You can find community calendars on local news channels’ websites, newspapers, radio stations, visitor centers, convention visitor bureaus, magazines, parenting websites, industry publications, etc.

The majority of these organizations will add your event for free and even promote it through their social media outlets. Offering free passes for these outlets to give away is always a good way to get them involved.

7 - Engage your audience at other events

Get involved with other events with similar attendee demographics. Sponsoring a booth and handing out marketing material at related community events is a great way to get face-to-face with your target market. Presence at these events is an opportunity to get some buzz generated, get your hashtag visible, and hand out some early-bird discount promotions.

8 - Stay in front of your previous attendees

Continue to grow and engage your audience with previous ticket buyers’ information. Build email lists and social media followers to inform your established clientele about upcoming events.

Avoid blasting your entire email list if the information is not relevant! Segment your contacts information to deliver relevant promotions and content.

Social and Email campaigns to previous ticket buyers is a great opportunity to offer early bird and group ticket discounts.

9 - Seek out Social Media Influencers

Social media influencers can be a fantastic outlet to reach a specific demographic. It is important to do your homework! Find the right personalities, with the right followers, to promote your event.

Offering free passes or VIP experiences to Social Media Influencers can help bring relevant event promotion to hard to reach audiences.

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