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Fundraising for Non-profits

Giveback Tickets is the premier online ticketing platform for fundraising, charity, and nonprofit events. Giveback Tickets offers Non-Profit Event Organizers a comprehensive online ticketing platform, promotional tool, payment system, and a new source of fundraising dollars.

- No contracts.
- No commitments.
- Nonprofit event setup is free!

Fundraising Event Planners can use Giveback's robust event platform at no charge to the event planner or nonprofit organization. Giveback Tickets believes nonprofit organizations should not have to spend money to set up an account, create events, or sell tickets.

Making a difference has never been this easy!

Automatic Service Fee Donations

Giveback Tickets is an online ticketing platform on a social mission. A portion of every service fee paid by ticket buyers is automatically donated directly to local nonprofits chosen by the event organizers.

Nonprofit Events + Giveback Tickets

Generate more fundraising revenue by using Giveback Tickets!

Giveback Tickets provides Nonprofit Event Promoters an all-inclusive platform to promote and sell tickets to fundraising events. Sign your NPO up as a beneficiary and receive Giveback's automatic service fee donation. Event attendees can buy tickets, make additional donations, and help promote your event with social media sharing features.


For-Profit Events + Giveback Tickets

Event promoters keep 100% of ticket sales and raise money for your NPO!

Team up with for-profit events in your community to generate fundraising dollars for your nonprofit organization. Simply create a beneficiary account to register your nonprofit organization to receive donations. Once on our NPO directory, venues and event promoters can choose your organization to automatically receive a portion of every service fee paid by attendees.


Competitive Service Fees

Giveback Tickets service fees are approximately 50% of major competitors!

Giveback Tickets was created as a tool to help generate a new source of revenue for nonprofit organizations. We believe non-profit organizations should be able to raise money through community-enhancing events without their attendees being subjected to overpriced service fees.


2.9% + 99 cents

Raise More Fundraising Dollars with Events!

Giveback Tickets checkout process encourages ticket buyers to "show some love". Allow your attendees to make additional donations to your cause before they checkout. The additional donation functionality has proven to be a valuable new fundraising tool for our NPO partners.


Fundraising with Free Events

Generate fundraising dollars with free ticketed events!

Utilizing Giveback Ticket’s unique fee structure will help generate fundraising revenue from free events. Simply create your free event and add a “Suggested Donation”. Attendees can decline the suggested donation and still receive their tickets. Ticket Buyers can "show some love" and increase the donation amount. Our nonprofit partners have seen a surprising amount of fundraising dollars generated by utilizing this functionality for free events.


Fundraising Event Page Setup

Create Professional Event Pages in Minutes!

Giveback Ticket’s online ticketing platform gives nonprofit event organizers the tools to set up and sell tickets to fundraising events. Create outstanding event pages for your fundraising events that look great on all devices.

Our user-friendly online software gives fundraising event planners the ability to customize, publish, and promote their events. Personalize your event page with promotional photos, videos, logos, and content. Post the unique custom subdomain created for your event across all platforms to boost fundraising event ticket sales.


Nonprofit Event Promotion

Increase ticket sales to fundraising events with Giveback Ticket’s promotional tools!

Make your event go viral! Giveback empowers ticket buyers with the ability to promote your next NPO event! Attendees can share their ticket purchases and contributions through social media sharing tools. Allow your attendees to invite their social circle to enjoy your nonprofit event and donate money to your cause.

Giveback Tickets will promote your event through our online calendar, social media, and email campaigns. Create promotional codes and discount to match your event’s marketing campaigns. Contact your dedicated Giveback Tickets Account Representative for a free consultation and insight on the latest trends to successfully promote your event. Check out our Event Promotion 101 blog for fresh ideas to sell more tickets to your nonprofit event

Ticket Sales & Customer Analytics

Real-time event ticket sales reporting and analytics from any device!

Giveback Ticket’s comprehensive dashboard delivers real-time analytics on ticket sales and customer information for your fundraising event. Keep informed on ticket sales and donations to upcoming events.

Manage promotional offers with up to date information on your customers. Utilize ticket buyer’s information to stay in touch with your customer base and sell more tickets to your next fundraising event.


Box Office Point of Sale & Check-In

Day of event logistics made easy with point of sale and ticket scanning features!

Giveback Tickets provides the on-site operation tools required to sell tickets and check in guests the day of your nonprofit event. The box office point of sale is designed to make selling tickets the day of your fundraising event a breeze.

The Giveback Tickets App allows you to scan and process tickets at the gate. Our system makes checking in a large number of attendees efficient and accurate.

Well Call

Start selling tickets today!

Simply create an Event Promoter Account and build an event. Do you have questions about how Giveback Tickets can add to your fundraising efforts? Create an Event Promoter Account today to meet your dedicated Account Representative.