Giveback Tickets is a complete event ticketing platform

Our comprehensive online software offers event promoters all the tools needed to sell tickets, promote events, manage event day logistics, track ticket sales, and generate money for nonprofit organizations.

Event Ticketing on a Social Mission

Giveback's online ticketing platform was created to generate a new source of revenue for charities. A piece of every service fee paid by attendees is automatically donated to a nonprofit of the event organizers selection. Keep all your ticket sales revenue and generate funds for the causes that your community is passionate about!

Free Online Ticketing Platform

Giveback Tickets online platform is FREE for the event promoter and venue! Designate credit card transaction and service fees to be paid by attendees at time of ticket purchase. Create an event and sell tickets today with no upfront costs or hidden fees! Create an account and start selling tickets today!

Create an account and start selling tickets today!

Simplified payments.

We use the industry’s best tools to make sure that you and your customers pay and get paid on time, every time. Pre-sale and point of sale purchases are built into Giveback. Accept credit cards and cash before and during the event.

Box office for every event.

Set up gate admins, ticket scanners, and all of the support crew for your events. Come showtime use the Giveback Tickets mobile app or website to scan tickets at the door.

Statistics and analytics to help you grow

Our built-in ticket sales analytics and reporting features are working for you from the very beginning. View reports and analytics any time from any device. Utilize customer info to stay in front of your audience and sell more tickets to your next event!

Easy event setup

Create ticket templates and use them for events this week or next year. Design event pages that look great on any marketing platform or device.

Guest lists & bulk tickets

Generate bulk ticket codes for Groupon, Living Social, or any other marketing program you implement. Comp as many tickets as you'd like with guest lists and advanced invite features.

Order and ticket tracking

100% order transparency. Track tickets from purchase through use. Giveback's platform also detects fraud and stops payments before they become a problem.

Multiple Ticket Options

Create a variety of ticket types to your event at no extra cost.

Non-profit and charity support

Beneficiaries receive money for every ticket you sell on Giveback, without ever affecting your bottom line. Bring your own charities or allow customers to choose from the charities we already support.

"Show Some Love" Donations

Allow your attendees to "Show Some Love" by making an additional donation on their ticket purchase. Raising money and awareness for nonprofits in your community has never been this easy!

Responsive Customer Support

An event ticketing platform that you get to talk to a real person! Create an account to meet your dedicated Giveback Customer Service Rep. Reach out directly to your Giveback Rep for a fast and friendly response.

Everything you need

Giveback Tickets is dedicated to helping you promote successful events! The more tickets you sell, the more we donate to your favorite charities. Your Giveback Representative will perform a free consultation to make sure you are implementing all the proven event marketing strategies.

Free & Simple Setup
Electronic Payments
Bilingual Support
Get Paid for Referrals
Advanced Tracking
Guest Lists
Bulk Ticket Creation
Built-in Statistics
Run your entire event with a Box Office & Mobile App
Point of Sale for ticket purchases and Donations
Paybacks for High Volume Sales
Absorb your patrons' fees
And much more!

Create an account for FREE today to get started