Online Race Registration Software

Giveback Tickets is an online race registration platform with a purpose!

A portion of race registration fees paid by athletes is automatically donated to a charity of the Race Directors choice. Keep 100% of race registration revenue and raise money for the causes your community is passionate about!

Giveback Tickets robust race registration platform is FREE for the Race Director or Organization. Registration Fees are paid at time of check out by athletes. No contracts, hidden fees, or upfront costs! Create an account and have your race ready to process registrations today!


Giveback Tickets is the complete online platform for all types of races!

Fun Run
Adventure Race
Mud Run

Design professional race registration pages that look great on any device or platform! Promote your event with customizable race registration pages. Incorporate videos, photos, logos, and info to make your race stand out in a crowded event scene. Share your mobile-friendly race registration page across all social media platforms, websites, and email campaigns!

Secure Payment and Processing

Giveback Tickets supports Race Directors with a safe and secure payment portal. Accept payments for race registration online and through point-of-sale day of event. Race registration payment is automatically direct deposited to your bank account!

Transparent & Competitive Registration Fees

Giveback Tickets registration fees paid by athletes are significantly lower than the competition. Lower costs for your athletes mean more registrations. A portion of each registration fee is directly donated to a nonprofit organization selected by the Race Director.

*2.9% + 99 cents*

Automatic Registration Fee Donation

Giveback Tickets is the only race registration software that automatically donates a portion of fees to charity. Athletes have the option to increase their donation during the check out process of registration. Partnering with a nonprofit organization that is relevant to your athletes can help engage your community and boost event participation. Making a difference has never been this easy!

Race Day Logistics

Race day logistics made easy! The Giveback Tickets App allows your team to scan registration QR codes from athletes phones at check in. Efficiently and accurately check in a large number of athletes. Register athletes on race day with integrated point of sale functionality.

Social Media Promotional Tools

Make your race go viral! Giveback Tickets gives your athletes the ability to share their registration through social media outlets and invite friends. The majority of race athletes enjoy involving their friends and family in the experience. Give them the tools to encourage their social circle to take part in your race!

Race Registration Analytics

Track your race registrations real-time from any device. Stay informed on how many athletes have registered for your race. Export customer data into any CRM software or email campaign.

Multiple Registration Options

Reach a wide variety of athletes by offering multiple race registration options. Giveback Tickets allows you to create as many registration types as you need at no extra cost!

No Third Party Ads

Giveback Tickets will not push third party advertisements on your athletes. Many race registration software platforms will submit your clientele to pops ups and click through ad screens. Giveback focuses on promoting your race, generating registration sign ups, and raising money for nonprofits.

Responsive Customer Service

Upon creating an account, Race Directors will be contacted by their Giveback Tickets Representative. Customer service issues and concerns will be addressed in a prompt and friendly manner. Text, call, or email your Representative for a quick response.

Integrated Marketing Channels

We want you to register more athletes! Giveback Ticket gives Race Directors free promotional tools through our social, email, and calendar campaigns. Free promotion at no extra cost! Giveback Tickets offers free race promotion consultation and recommendations. Create an account to meet your Rep and discuss the latest race marketing trends.

Choose a Race Registration Software that automatically gives back to your community! Create an account and start registration for your race today.